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Insecticide larvae – Lychees AQUASTRIKE VCF

bo ba San pham diet lang quang AQUASTRIKE VCF
bo ba San pham diet lang quang AQUASTRIKE VCF


Made in Malaysia

Registration and distribution: Hop Tri

non-toxic and eco friendly mosquito killer liquid

Used to kill larvae, larvae, mosquito larvae without affecting other aquatic organisms.

Ingredient: Polydimethylsiloxane ( PDMS ) …. 78% w/v

Performance features:

1/ aquastrike vcf can be used to treat the water surface to spread thin film, preventing mosquitoes from laying eggs.

2/ To reduce the surface tension, when using aquastrikr vcf will help mosquitoes when approaching can be drowned and die when landing to lay eggs or when the eggs hatch are killed.

User manual:

1/  droplet directly into water, according to the ratio of 1ml / m2 water surface

2/ About once every 4 weeks


  • Do not use aquastrike vcf for drinking water, drinking water, washing water.
  • Use the correct dose, do not exceed the prescribed dose;

Recommended information:

AQUASTRIKE VCF is environmentally friendly, non-toxic to fish and other aquatic animals living in the aquatic environment.

Treatment measures when infected with the product:

  • avoid direct contact with eyes, rinse eyes with water if exposed;
  • Clean your hands as you wash your hands under the tap;
  • If swallowed Rinse mouth and drink plenty of water, do not induce vomiting, take to hospital, the first medical facility, and remember to bring the product label.

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